What I’ve been doing

  1. Walking the neighborhood with Toby, sweet dog, mine since August. #rescuelove
  2. Updating the first book I ever wrote (The New Jewish Wedding, 1984, updated 2004) which is now called THE JEWISH WEDDING NOW. This isn’t a revision so much as a rewrite. Love the cover.
  3. Going to live performances (theater, music, dance) to keep my heart beating.
  4. Limiting intake of news. Never before noon.
  5. Spending time with positive people.
  6. Calling, writing, marching, joining, donating, looking for ways to make a difference.




  1. Janyce Bouchard on March 29, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Hi Anita. ..this is Janyce Bouchard up in Sudbury, Northern Ontario…we’ve just read your book, Day After Night or our Book club…meeting tomorrow night..March 30..2017
    IT was very movingboand well written story. and is unfortunately, still a very current topic….
    Change the Nationalities and evn thou it’s 72 years later, the same type of suffering is still happening. ..in our world.
    My absolute all time favourite bookclub book was also yours..”The Red Tent. .” Which we read years ago.

    Thankyou again for beautiful and well written books ..!!!

    • Anita Diamant on May 2, 2017 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Janyce; So sorry I didn’t answer you sooner. Thank you for your lovely words. I so appreciate your taking the time to write. Regards to your book club,as well.

      All best,


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