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Archive for April 2009

The Good Ship

I write fiction that celebrates the power of friendship. Although my novels are very different from one another in form, style, and setting, that is the one constant. In my collection of essays, “Pitching My Tent: On Marriage, Motherhood, Friendship, and Other Leaps of Faith” the subtitle elevates friendship to the level of family. And…

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Site meter

My in-house information technology staff (that would be Jim, my husband) just set up a site meter/counter on this blog. And now I find myself checking it compulsively. Sort of the way I used to check my books’ Amazon rankings. And the way I used to play computer Solitaire. I’m not proud of this, and…

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Chatting on the phone with Steve, cherished writing partner and Ukelele guru, we covered the usual topics (movies, books, gossip) and then he asked, “Feeling a little rootless?” “Yeah,” I answered, glibly. He knew that I had shipped the copy edited manuscript of my novel back to the publisher about a week ago. Ever since,…

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