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Archive for September 2009

I believe…

By Yehuda Amichai: I say with perfect faith that prayers preceded God. Prayers created God, God created people And people create prayers that create God who creates People.

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Graphic Poetry

On Thursday evening, I went to the opening of an art show by my friend, Joel Moskowitz, and was amazed, amused and moved by his miniature masterpieces. Based on 3X5 inch library catalog cards, some are heavily embellished with layers of paint, others sport cut-outs from an old dictionary or buttons, beads, even wine corks.…

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Today is the birthday of the world, symbolically at least, for us Jews. I spent much of the day in synagogue, singing, smiling, marveling at the faces I’ve known for more than 25 years now, growing up, growing gray. Sacred stuff (friendship, gratitude, sympathy, recognition) happens everywhere in/near/around the temple on a day like today:…

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Book Touring and Talking

I’m off to New York tomorrow, for the official start of the book tour for Day After Night, my new novel. I’ll be in Manhattan, Long Island, and Atlanta this week. Check my website ( to see where and when. In fact, the “tour” began last week, with a reading at my wonderful local bookstore,…

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September Song

The crickets are loud at nightDo they protest the coming of the winter, their deaths, the end?Do they celebrate the limpid blue skies, the crunchy grasses?Of course not I hate to close the windows and lose the shrill, happy musicBut it’s chillySummer’s back is broken despite the odd hot eveningand sticky afternoon School starts, the…

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