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Archive for December 2009

Happy New Year

No resolutions here but plenty of plans and prayers and wishes for you and me:May we all have more than enough peace and inspiration and forgiveness andenergy andlong days at the beach. What’s on your list? 2010

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Facebook confession

I feel like I’ve been cheating on my blog with Facebook. I want to apologize. It’s just so easy to write a one-sentence message and send it out. With the blog, I feel a need to revise and shape a few paragraphs into something you might find worth reading. The other Facebook temptation is the…

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La Danse

I hadn’t seen a movie (in a theater) since August. How is that possible? But finally this past week I went. It was La Dance by Fred Wiseman, a documentary about the Paris Opera Ballet. Stunning footage of ballet rehearsals and performances, both modern and Nutcracker. Saw Nutcracker here in Boston many, many years ago,…

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