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Archive for August 2010

My Daughter’s Tattoo

My little girl sat on the bench beside me. It was summertime; we were on vacation near the sea while waiting for the clock to chime our dinner reservation table. This would be one of her first grown-up restaurant meals and we were excited at the prospect. We were people-watching and the newly-popular belly-button ring…

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I Heart My Uke

I bought myself a ukelele for my birthday.  My husband argued for a guitar, an instrument I strummed (never mastered) in high school. Jim is not a fan of the plink-plink of the ukelele, and I have to agree that the sound of a guitar is far more beautiful. But a uke is less of a commitment and more…

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Yoga Jew

I get invited to talk at temples: big ones and little ones; Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative. As much as I dislike the travel, I like meeting the people, who always make me think. After my presentation at a smallish Midwestern synagogue last spring, I was schmoozing over the dessert table when the rabbi came up…

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