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Archive for January 2011

More winter? You bet.

I was completely sick of my winter sweaters. Familiarity=contempt. I put that sentiment up on my Facebook Page and there were suggestions I take up knitting! Ha-ha. That would take too much time away from FB, not to mention work. So instead, I hit my two favorite consignment stores and got three new (for me) ones. Only…

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Winter Wear

Every morning I walk the dog. Regardless of the cold, snow, sleet, ice – and it’s been all that this winter. Indeed, I am more faithful than the letter carriers around here. Buddy’s gotta go so I gotta go. After living in this climate — with a dog — for over 30 years, I have…

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Stamp collection

Like everyone else on the planet, I use snail mail less and less. Email, like online banking and shopping, take care of most of what I once sent through the United States Postal Service. Even so, there are a few vestigial matters that either require a hard copy or that I just prefer to handle old-school. These include: •…

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