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Archive for October 2009

Boston Book Festival ’09

Today was the first Boston Book Festival and what a big WOW. Thousands of people converged on Copley Square for panel discussions, readings, and a first-class celebration of literacy in all its forms. If you’ve never been to Boston (and please do come visit), Copely Square is an architectural jewel, featuring two stunning churches (Trinity…

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The Bookstore

Tomorrow evening, I’m doing a reading at THE BOOKSTORE in Gloucester, Mass. It is, along with a handful of other nearby independent bookstores (Toad Hall in Rockport, Newtonville Books, Brookline Booksmith) a place that I love for the way it supports authors and readers. I just finished a book on my Kindle, a device that…

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It escapes so often and so lightly from the lips of preteens and their hapless parents, I thought the word had lost its purchase. And then I stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon, the address of awe. People from around the planet showed up beside me and, regardless of language, we all said…

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