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Archive for August 2009

More about sea moss

Maybe you thought one posting about this very arcane, odd substance was enough, but I received the following message from my friend, Amy M., and I had to share it. “When we were up at Prince Edward Island, Irish Moss is harvested in this incredibly beautiful, ‘old time’ way– during storms, on horses! There is…

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I read the news today

It was not quite 7 am and I was the only one awake, here in my house. I put on the coffee and went out to pick up the newspapers from the front walk. The Boston Globe had the story. Senator Ted Kennedy died last night. Not unexpected, of course. His absence at his sister,…

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Movie Update

Not even The New Yorker reviewer could resist. Critic David Denby writes, “Julie & Julia” is one of the gentlest, most charming American movies of the past decade. Its subject is less food as something to cook than food as the binding and unifying element of dinner parties, friendship, and marriage.” Go see it. Bon…

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Summer Movies

Not so much the bloody, exploding blockbusters, but I do tend to go to the movies more during the summer months. Just the way I tend to read more in the summer. So here’s what I’ve seen so far:Up: The best. Inventive, heart-felt, funny and beautiful. Best movie for grown-ups since WALL-E.The Girl from Monaco:…

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Mass MOCA is not a big cup of chocolate-flavored coffee but an acronym for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, a huge and wonderful playground for the senses located in North Adams. Once a thriving manufacturing center that long ago fell on hard times, the town is set in the stunning green hills of western…

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