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Archive for June 2009

Morning Routine, Mourning Routine

Every morning I brush my teeth, brew coffee, turn on the computer, check my email and click on the Breast Cancer site to make a free donation to make mammograms available for those who cannot afford them. It is a tiny gesture in solidarity with the women I know (and all the ones I don’t)…

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The Art & Commerce of the Blog, Part 2

I’m not sure why I didn’t stop writing when my reading circle stopped growing beyond 12 people. Maybe it is because blogging is inherently valuable to me. The responsibility of it makes me notice the details of my experiences and feelings. I live life more fully because I blog. This was one of the comments…

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The art and commerce of the blog

There was a great story in today’s New York Times about blogs and our fantasies for them. The dream of bloggers everywhere is that we will become well-known, if not famous, thanks to the effortless publication that is the blog. That we will be discovered, be invited to produce books for mass markets, make a…

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Sitemeter Report

Several weeks ago, I wrote about my addiction to checking the location of readers who stop by this blog. That confession prompted more comments than any other posting so far. So I thought perhaps you’d like to know from whence come some of your far-flung brethren and (more likely) sister-en. States heard from in the…

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