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Am I cheating on myself?

I don’t understand the etiquette.  I just started a new blog, co-written with my daughter, Emilia, 27, who just moved back to Boston. 

And then there’s the fact that my past two posts here also went up at

According to my blogpost stats, I have 29 followers here. I ask you, dear friends, does cross posting (and Tweeting and Facebooking  everything) cheapen me in your eyes?

Oh brave new world, that has such nonsense in it.




  1. E.S. Cameron on January 28, 2013 at 10:06 am

    I follow your blog, but I might not be counted in your stats, as I use a service called Feedblitz to follow your blog.

    It’s definitely NOT cheating if you post other places. Cross-posting (sometimes aka guest blogging) is a tool that many people in social media use to improve their site traffic and online presence.

    My one recommendation is this:
    Because you already blog here pretty infrequently, whenever you have a blog post go up somewhere else, write a quick companion post here that says, “Hey everybody, check out the guest post I wrote at XYZ site.” (And be sure to include the link.) That way, your regular readers will see the guest post, and the XYZ site will be happy that your blog is bringing them some extra readers. Additionally, by linking back to XYZ site, that may actually bring more readers to your blog, and you may find that your readership here goes up.

    And in terms of Facebook and Twitter, in this Brave New World, you’ve got to do it! It’s difficult to stay relevant when dealing in writing novels, and you only have a book come out every couple of years. FB and Twitter allows you to stay engaged with your audience, and to maintain an open dialogue with them. Then they’ll be more likely to: 1) take note when you have a new book coming out; and 2) buy that book.

    Maintaining a presence in social media is crucial in today’s BNW, but just as important is HOW you maintain that presence.

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