Real Simple — Age 38

     A few months ago, the editors at Real Simple magazine invited me to write a short essay about a year I remember with special fondness. The result appears in the current issue, along with wonderful pieces by five other writers.
     Roger Rosenblatt wrote about Age 4. Francine Prose wrote about Age 64. The first number that popped into my head was … 38. 
      Here’s why.

   By any meaningful measure, most of my years have been pretty damn good: healthy, blessed with a loving husband, a beautiful child, loyal friends, and sweet dogs.
    But 38 was golden. I had a wonderful job writing a weekly newspaper column, in which I had the freedom to take on virtually any subject. Constantly coming up with something intelligent, original, and/or amusing turned out to be a spiritual challenge of sorts. Because I was always prowling for the next topic, I couldn’t sleepwalk through my days. There was a potential column in everything that crossed my path: headlines, the meals I cooked, TV ads.
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