Winter Wear

Every morning I walk the dog. Regardless of the cold, snow, sleet, ice – and it’s been all that this winter.

Indeed, I am more faithful than the letter carriers around here. Buddy’s gotta go so I gotta go.

After living in this climate — with a dog — for over 30 years, I have finally figured out how to dress for the challenge. So in the interest of helping my fellow sufferers cope, I am publishing a list of essential winter survival gear. This stuff is good for people with Reynaud’s syndrome (cold extremities), fear of falling, and common sense. (But if you’re a vegan, stop reading now.)

Shearling mittens. I tried everything else, even those hand-warming poppers people take ice-fishing and to football games. These work.

Smart Wool socks. Lifechangers.

Shearling-lined leather water-proof leather boots, but they have to be “made in Canada.” My neighbors to the north are the masters.

Yak-Trax for the soles of the above-mentioned boots. These low-tech wonders are like snow-chains for your feet and have saved my bones and butt on countless occasions. Warning: they reduce slippage but nothing is foolproof.

Silk underwear, top and bottom. Pretty and warm, these long-johns are lightweight and effective; they last for years and are worth every penny.

Fleece headband and/or fleece hat. Hat-hair is the price of admission. (Shearling works, too.)

Knee-length coat with attached hood (down-filled or animal skin.)

Scarf: anything soft. Bright colors are good for your mood.

Consignment boutique cashmere sweaters. Yummy warm clouds at good prices.

Bundle up out there and walk like a penguin.


  1. Veronica B. Morra on February 18, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    I have read two of your books: “The Red Tent” and “The Last Days of Dogtown”. Loved both of them. I am looking forward to reading the other fiction books. ….
    Keep writing and I will keep reading. Specially now, that I have stumbled on your blog and have read some random pieces. I will be at one of your events, as soon as you do one in Massachusetts. T…

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