“New Acquaintance” — Lyric for New Year’s

This is my lyric to a melody composed by Bert Seager. We think of it as an alternative to Auld Lang Syne. Wishing you health, happiness and peace in the coming year

New Acquaintance

Let us raise up a glass, the cup of kindness,
Now, as the time draws near
We are gathered in hope, we gather in gladness
To ring in the start of the year.

Yesterday’s sorrows are too much with us
Much as we wish they would pass
Love is the answer to every question
Love is the answer that lasts

As the old year departs, we pause and wonder,
Where did the hours go
Did we greet the sun and welcome the showers
How did our gardens grow?

These are the moments for reminiscing
Stories to share and relive
Savor the memory of time passed wisely
As for the rest, forgive
Let us raise up a glass, the cup of kindness,
Brought by our gentle host
Numbering our days, counting our blessings
All things that matter most


  1. marjan on January 3, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    very touching…..

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