Boston Book Festival ’09

Today was the first Boston Book Festival and what a big WOW. Thousands of people converged on Copley Square for panel discussions, readings, and a first-class celebration of literacy in all its forms.

If you’ve never been to Boston (and please do come visit), Copely Square is an architectural jewel, featuring two stunning churches (Trinity and Old South), and the Boston Public Library — all of which hosted events.

Festival is really the right word for what I saw in the crowds, in the focused attention to what was said and read, in the stress-free lines to buy books or score a cup of free coffee or ice cream. No one kvetched even about the drizzly weather, which gave way to clearing skies and warming temperatures.

Altogether, readers and writers left feeling good about the fate of writing and storytelling, whether delivered on the page or the screen.

Everyone who participated and attended agreed: WE WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Here’s to Boston Book Festival 2010.


  1. Tracy Hahn-Burkett on October 24, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Hear hear!

    What a great event, even in the rain. It was inspiring to listen to you and your co-panelists discuss the role of place; I came away with lots to think about.

    And thank you for signing my book afterward; it was a pleasure to meet you in person after reading so many of your books.

  2. jc on October 25, 2009 at 5:38 am

    Very much agree. Great use of Copley and wonderful to wander in and out and feel like it was a permeable environment and not just a park enclosed by beautiful facades.

    Enjoyed your panel but wished there had been more interaction between panelists. Looking forward to next year!

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