More about sea moss

Maybe you thought one posting about this very arcane, odd substance was enough, but I received the following message from my friend, Amy M., and I had to share it.

“When we were up at Prince Edward Island, Irish Moss is harvested in this incredibly beautiful, ‘old time’ way– during storms, on horses! There is a museum in Miminigash about Irish Moss, and a project called Women In Support of Fishing, which runs a little place called Seaweed Pie Cafe, where one can eat Seaweed Pie and buy dried Irish Moss. I got a little burlap bundle of it, which came with a recipe called Irish Moss Pie Filling or Blanc Mange.

Seaweed Pie itself was more like a strawberry pie as I recall, with the moss used more as the thing that held it all together.

My little burlap bundle might have just enough dried seaweed for one round of pie. Here’s a recipe I found online:

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