Slowing down

Oh dear. I am relaxed.

Now what happens?

I finished the book (and various edits) over a month ago and I have not yet plunged into my next big project. I’m not sitting on my thumbs, of course. I’m not built that way.

I’ve been reading for fun. Frivolous books; titles I’m not going to share. I’ve been taking more yoga classes than ever before. I’ve been having coffee with friends I haven’t seen in ages. I’ve been doing the email stuff: setting up the fall book events mostly. Responding to interesting queries from the Israeli Hebrew translator.

For creative fun, I’ve been writing a “revue” format/frame/show for the songs from Requited, the CD of original songs to which I contributed lyrics. (Music by composer Bert Seager.)

To hear the music, go to:

Writing for the stage and for music is now officially a passion/hobby. Don’t know if this will ever go anywhere (though I do think what I’m up to is commercially viable as well as meaningful and beautiful)but I need to be engaged in some creative project to be happy.

Sounds like a lot, but really, it’s not. Or maybe it’s just different. This is the longest period of time in memory that I haven’t been committed to the next book. The ideas are there… just not the oomph to write proposals and get up on that horse.

Instead, I feel … light! Uh, relaxed even.

I enter this posting from a quiet spot near the ocean, on a glorious sunny day, with no obligations. Though I do have to head back to the city later. And the dog will need another walk at some point …

But for now, I think I’ll go sit on the porch and read …


  1. Dianna Grace Riquelme on July 20, 2009 at 9:19 am

    That feeling is often reminiscent: slowing down. Perhaps it is a proposition, an elusive thought that comes after you lay down something and start something else again. You shove it away and title it “idleness”. You ignore it and call it “procrastination”. And not once do you give it a chance to grace your hectic life. If you sit, you must get up. If you but pause for a second, you must rush into another minute.

    We take this upon ourselves every time we pencil in a family member, or book in another appointment. We waiver that feeling of ease…that forgotten treasured time of slowing down.

    Lay down your cares and go for a walk. Watch the sunset. Breathe in… Breathe out…Slow down.

    Time will always be here, but you will not.

    ~Dianna Grace Riquelme
    Author of When I Was a God

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