Vacation days

I’m at the beach for the week. Not working on the novel,which has consumed my consciousness pretty much non-stop all summer. So it’s not easy putting on the brakes. I’m on an “enforced” time-out (enforcers being my writing-group partners, Amy Hoffman and Steve McCauley, to whom I am eternally grateful for everything.)And I know I need the distance to go back and edit and make my deadline (Dec 1)

So I am reading the papers, going to the beach, walking the dog, reading nonfiction and comic novels, trying not to worry about various friends and members of the family who face challenges of various sorts. Watching movies and sunsets. Seeing a few friends…

And basking.

The light at this time of year is so seductive and so elegaic. I’m on the North Shore, north of Boston that is, on Cape Ann. The marshes and the fields are showing a little color, but mostly it’s the slant of light in the late afternoon that transforms the world into a honeyed place, about to slide into autumn and the deep sleep of winter.

How wonderful. How sad. How grateful am I.


  1. Dianna Grace Riquelme on August 25, 2008 at 10:15 am

    The change is delicate, seemingly visible; but then it hides from us… Into the memories of what summer was: what we did and regrettably didn’t do. This simplicity somehow wraps about the softening strength of the sun’s warmth, the lingering summer fragrance that clings to the curtains or bed sheets, the last page of our summer’s read. It is the anchor of peace, the subtle change that we, for once, enjoy.

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