Today I am a lyricist! Listen to “Requited”


As of today, you can hear the beautiful voice of Rebecca Shrimpton singing my words set to the lovely music of Bert Seager. The title of the CD is REQUITED.

As it says on the inside cover:

Requited means “given in return,” “completed,” “made whole.”

Requited is the word that best describes how I felt working on this music with my friend Bert Seager. I have been listening to Bert’s compositions for many years, but one night while driving alone on a dark road, listening to the haunting melody of “Pioneer,” I thought … “This needs a lyric.” I called to ask if I could try setting words to it. His “yes” led to our collaboration on these ten songs, and the most fun I have ever had as a writer.

Singer Rebecca Shrimpton unites Bert’s tunes and my phrases with a rich, agile voice and a warm intelligence to create a musical experience that is greater than its parts; a celebration of hope and love. the sound of hearts Requited.

If you want to hear, download, and/or buy this music, the link is

I hope you enjoy the music.

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