Jim and I visited Emilia in Costa Rica and had a Pura Vida time. Relaxed.
I did not even turn my computer on for a solid seven days, which is some sort of record for me.
The beaches were lovely, the food was simple and good, the heat (which I had been dreading) was bearable thanks to kinly ocean breezes.
Best of all, Emilia is thriving and learning and talking the talk. My favorite story of the trip:
Within hours of our arrival, as we were driving a rental car down the long road toward Jaco, a police officer pulled us over. We were speeding, I admit it. But then, the limit changes almost every five kilometers, from 40-60-25 km and back again.
Emilia talked to the cop. He kept asking leading questions. She told him we’d pay the ticket at a bank.
He didn’t say it but made it clear that he wanted us to pay him, then and there, in cash.
Emilia wasn’t having any.
He let us go with a warning.
Hooray for Emilia.


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