I am on vacation, which is to say, I am not living at home for a few weeks. And yet, I am trying to work on my new book and I am answering emails of all sorts, and I’m doing a few bookstore readings in the area…

So what allows me to say, “I am on vacation?”

For one thing, I’m reading a lot, which I almost never do. (Mortifying as it is to admit.) And I’m watching movies but not tv, and walking the dog for long stretches of time. I’m going to the beach, and taking yoga classes. I’m not going to meetings, or getting up too early to have breakfast with people I would otherwise never get to see.

Maybe this more like retirement than vacation. Except for the writing and the emails and the bookstores…. Semi-retirement? Or maybe it’s just my kind of vacation.

The truth is, I’m having a wonderful time. I hope you are too.

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